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2010 Is The Year of P90X Workouts For Me

Posted Jan 04 2010 8:48am

Tony Horton P90X Bring It Workout Tony Horton issues the P90X home fitness challenge to BRING IT! What a way to ring in the new year and new decade…90 days of P90X with Tony Horton. And that’s where my fitness journey brings me this year! The year of P90X and the transformation of Coach Tim Carter! :) Whoo hoo! This means a lot to me after the last couple of years.

Starting off 2010 with the P90X Lean series of workouts. Then it’ll be onto P90X Classic and ending off the year with P90X Doubles. It’s a challenge that Tony Horton issues on the P90X DVD’s “How to Bring it” video, he suggests trying the P90X lean, classic then doubles routine for extreme results. So how could I resist?

It’s been a long road on the home fitness path for me since 2005. Spring of ‘05 I was in a t-bone car accident caused by a guy running through an intersection. It took me over a year before I could be running and weightlifting without pain. I felt like my normal, active self. Playing co-ed softball, playing in disc golf tournaments…even thinking about running a half-marathon. But…

January 2008 found me in the middle another car accident (again I didn’t cause it)…this accident has been the LONG recovery process for me and easily could have put me in a wheelchair or six feet under. So I was blessed to be in the condition I was in. Several herniated discs in my neck. Constant muscle spasms, frequent headaches along with hardly getting a regular night of sleep had made workouts out fairly limited. By the end of 2008, the headaches were less intense, but the muscle spasms were still there…as was the new layer of belly fat that decided to creep on my stomach! So I decided to try P90X Lean workouts in a really limited and modified way. But experienced physical setbacks, so I stepped back my workouts. Though I DID lose body fat and gained muscle back! I was encouraged.

2009 was the year of Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer workouts for me. Some days I’d feel pretty good and get two or three 10 minute workouts in. Days when I didn’t feel “great”, I’d still get in a short workout. I ended the year having logged in 274 workout in the WOWY SuperGym. All year was about making the transition from being injured, to healing and recovering. Not pushing too hard, but not being lazy. I broke the goal I set for the number of Beachbody workouts in one year I would do.

So to say that I’m excited about 2010 and starting my P90X Lean workouts today and P90X this year is a bit of an understatement. My goal with P90X is to get back into the physical condition to play in disc golf tournaments without pain, to be able to run without pain and ultimately slash my body fat percentage into single digits. :) Learn more about what is P90X Lean.

My plan here is to post weekly updates on my P90X Lean workouts as well as my transformation pictures during this year of P90X. I also plan to submit my physical transformation story after each round of my P90X workouts for the Million Dollar Body Game. I may even record a video or two as I continue to document my journey of living the Beachbody home fitness lifestyle. We’ll see.

I’m pretty nervous to see how my body will respond to full blown workouts of the intensity of P90X workouts. But I think that nervousness is like the nervous feeling I’d get in the moments leading up to lining up in the starting blocks for my 200m and 400m races back in my sprinting days. Fired up and focused.

Well, I should wrap this post up. I’ve still got to finish my P90X workout requirements of taking my measurements, take my pictures and get out my body fat tester. And push play on my 1st P90X workout of the new year! Next week, I’ll post my 1st week of P90X Lean along with my Day 1 numbers so we can see where I end up on Day 90!

What do you plan to do for your health & fitness in 2010? Your feedback and encouragement is ALWAYS welcome! ;)


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