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2/11 Workout: Chest, Triceps & 600 Calories Worth of Cardio

Posted Feb 11 2010 10:11pm

Walking to burn 600 caloriesToday’s workout was a little tough. I’ve had some kind of stomach flu since Tuesday night and some horrible abdominal cramping to go along with it. Today has been quite a bit better, but I still haven’t been eating as much as I normally would on a workout day. For this reason, I felt weak during my chest and tricep exercises. I hate that feeling!

For my cardio workout, all I did was walk. On Tuesday after my back and biceps workout I did steady state cardio and started to get really bad cramps – that’s when the flu-like stuff started. So today I just walked. And walked. And walked. And walked. I burned almost 600 calories in the process!

Chest Workout

Flat barbell bench press

  • Warm-up set: 1 x 20 reps, 35#
  • 3 sets x 6 reps, 75#

Incline barbell bench press

  • 1 set x 6 reps (then I got pissed because I was struggling and switched to using dumbbells…)

Incline dumbbell bench press

  • 2 sets x 12 reps, 15# dumbbells

Triceps Workout

Wide grip pressdown

  • 3 sets x 12 reps, 30#

Skullcrushers (Lying triceps extensions with EZ curl bar)

  • 3 sets x 15, 15#

Cardio Workout

  • 30 minutes @ 10% incline
  • 30 minutes @ 5 % incline
  • First 40 minutes @ 4 mph (brisk walking pace)
  • Next 25 minutes @ 3.5 mph
  • Last 5 minutes @ 4 mph – I started going faster because I wanted to make it to 4 miles but I didn’t quite make it!

Total Time: 60 minutes

Total Distance: 3.875 miles

Total Calories Burned: 586

The weekend’s almost here – woohoo!!! I hope you have a fantastic one!

All the best,


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