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12/28: Cardio Workout (Steady State)

Posted Dec 29 2009 12:22am 1 Comment

Today was my first workout in 12 days. Whooooops! Christmas definitely got in the way for me these past few days. Shopping, wrapping, cleaning, baking and decorating wiped me out. Since we got over 12″ of snow I did get to shovel a couple times though. That has to count for something right? Since I didn’t workout, I also made sure to really pay attention to what I was eating at family get-togethers. I kept portions down to a minimum and made healthy choices. Overall I’m up about 2 pounds that needs to be worked off but I think it’ll be pretty easy since there won’t be anymore dinners to attend for quite awhile.

Cardio Workout

  • 2 minute warmup @ 4 mph
  • 16 minutes @ 5.5 mph
  • 1 minute @ 4 mph
  • 14 minutes @ 5.5 mph
  • 7 minute cool-down @ 4 mph

Total Time: 40 minutescardio-workout-2

Total Distance: 3.416 miles

Total Calories Burned: 402

I had to take a 1 minute walking breather about half way through, but considering I haven’t run for almost 2 weeks I was okay with that. I was worried I wouldn’t even be able to run for the entire 30 minutes. Even though I took a break, I still made myself run an additional 14 minutes so I did run for a total of 30 minutes.

Also, I still plan on finishing out the year with cardio workouts and after the first of the year I’ll get back into the strength training thing. The challenge for me is combining the two. I used to have a hard time with cardio, but now that I’ve been doing it for awhile, it’s become more of a habit. I just hope I can keep it going once I get back into strength training workouts.

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