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10 Ways to Enjoy the Fall Harvest

Posted Oct 22 2012 2:22pm

Fall is a great time of year, all the colorful and delicious veggies fruits make it a great time to experiment with new recipes and discover new tastes.

Here are 10 websites that will perk up your taste buds and give you many reasons to enjoy the season.

Healthy Harvest: 10 Tasty Fruit and Veggie Recipes

Enjoy the deliciously healthy benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables all year long with these easy, gourmet-inspired recipes. From potatoes coated in Indian spices to creamy carrot soup, pear and arugula salad, and much more, you’ll never get enough of fall’s farmers’ market finds.





45 Harvest Fruit and Vegetable Recipes For You To Love




Food guide to fall fruits and vegetables

Here’s our guide to the fall harvest. Find out about the vegetables that are in season now — from bok choy to leeks to watercress with our guide from FoodFit founder and CEO Ellen Haas’ book Great Adventures in Food. We’ll tell you what to look for at the market, how to store the vegetables at home and how to cook them, plus great recipes.

Fruits and Veggies to Buy This Fall

At certain times of year, some fruits are, quite simply, yummier than others.  A lot of the time, fruits and vegetables that are not in season are not even sold in the grocery store, both because they are not being harvested and because the ones that are available just aren’t as good.  If you’ve ever tried to buy blueberries, watermelon or peaches in the middle of winter, you probably understand that they are practically impossible to find and not nearly as juicy and delicious as the ones you eat during the summer.

Fruit Raw Vegetable Recipes

Enjoy our collection of fruit raw vegetable recipes submitted, reviewed and rated by community. Meet people who are looking for fruit raw vegetable recipes

Smoothie Web

The best smoothie recipes on the web

7 Fall Vegetable Side Dishes

Apples, Spinach, and Sprouts – Oh My!

Quick Fruit & Veggie Recipes: 30 Minutes or Less

Got 30 minutes? You’ve got time to make a great meal.

Healthy Cooking With Fruits and Vegetables

If you worry that your family isn’t getting enough fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, it might be time for a menu makeover. Here’s how to choose fresh produce – and 10 great ideas for incorporating it into your diet.

20 Ways to Eat Fall Vegetables for Dinner

If your family turns away from vegetables as a side dish and resists eating a plain piece of fruit for dessert, it’s time to make these foods part of the main dish.

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