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10 Fitness ?'s I'm Most Frequently Asked By Men - #10

Posted Oct 03 2012 3:00pm

The longer I'm involved in fitness, the more I realize men all want the same things when it comes to fitness.  We want big arms with a big chest.  We desire a small tapered waist with a wide back and broad shoulders.  Oh, and throw in a side order of fit muscular legs with a six-pack of abs.  My military guys want to look like this while they max out their PT test and feel good doing it.  Well fellas, I have news for you.  You can't always get what you want.  However, we can sure try our hardest at this.  I'm going to do my part by answering the...

10 Fitness ?'s I'm Most Frequently Asked By Men - #10


Cardio VS Weights

You will get a ton of different answers on this question when you search it on the web.  Here is what I suggest.  For overall health and wellness, you should do both for sure.  The benefits of cardiovascular exercise and weight training are well known.  The benefits of doing them together are even greater. 

If your workout plan consists of doing cardio and weight training in separate sessions, then I suggest eliminating the task takes the most energy first.  If you struggle with cardio and dread doing it, then get it over with.  This way, you have your weight session to look forward to.  If you look forward to it, then you are less likely to skip out on this portion of your workout. 

Will this affect your ability to lift if you deplete you energy reserves doing cardio?  Sure, maybe it will.  It could also do the same to your run if you weight train first.  Make a decision and stick to it.  This way, your body can adjust to the demands you are placing upon it and you can WORK towards improving in both areas.  Pretty soon you will notice your cardio session does not affect your weight training or vice versa because you have adjusted to the energy demands.

- Tee Major​

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