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10 Favorite Workout DVDs From a Guy Who Knows His Workouts (& Giveaway!)

Posted Apr 09 2012 2:00pm

With so many workout DVDs on the market, even we FBGs—who review new workout DVDs all the time—get a little lost in the shuffle sometimes. So this list of Darren Capik’s, CEO of  Watch It Now Entertainment , 10 favorite workout DVDs? Well, we knew we had to share it. First, because this guy knows his stuff ( he’s worked with everyone !), and second, because we’re human and need new workout DVD ideas, too! Read on for Darren’s faves—which obviously include more than just the ones he has produced!

My 10 Favorite Workout DVDs

Below are my 10 favorite fitness DVDs—some are extremely popular and some are unheard of. They represent the best workouts on the market, as all of them engage both body and mind. These 10 DVDs create the ultimate at-home gym!

1. Billy Blanks: This is Tae Bo Tae Bo has been around for so long because it is effective, unique and fun. This DVD is classic Tae Bo and will tone and strengthen the whole body.

2. Bob Harper: Total Body Transformation . The title says it all—this IS a total-body transformation using powerful intervals, plyometrics, and strength and endurance training. It is one of the most intense fitness DVDs on the market.

3. Brooke Burke: Tone & Tighten This hardcore DVD will help shape the body with dynamic exercises geared toward anybody. Brooke is engaging, lively and really speaks to the fitness mom.

4. Duncan Wong: Yogic Arts Source Power A yoga workout that really challenges you, makes you think and captures the mind and body to push you to a discipline level you’ve never experienced.

5. Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30 This has four distinct 24-minute workout routines accompanied by a diet and lifestyle plan. It’s not just a workout series; it’s a lifestyle program.

6. Georges St-Pierre: Rushfit MMA champion Georges St-Pierre created a program that emulates his own training regimen. It challenges every muscle in the body at every level. There is nothing like this series, and it is a more efficient body performer than P90X.

7. Michael Olajide Jr.: Aero Jump/Sculpt Michael Olajide Jr. is a former boxer and is the most underrated fitness person in the market. This DVD uses eight highly intense rounds of jump rope and body sculpting that will absolutely get you in shape from your living room.

8. P90X: The Original This system includes workouts, nutrition plans, supplement options and more for an undeniably effective workout. This is admired for a reason—it works.

9. Tara Stiles: This is Yoga Tara created an epic all-encompassing five-DVD yoga series that is coming out soon. It has everything you need to know about yoga for the price of one. The program includes a how-to encyclopedia of all yoga moves geared for beginners and advanced yoga enthusiasts and is the quintessential yoga resource that touches upon every part of the body.

10. Tracy Anderson: Dance Cardio 2009 This DVD incorporates amazing movement patterns and basic dance choreography for solid cardiovascular work. It is an intense, well thought-out program that will help you grow and learn.

We have to say that we agree with most of Darren’s selections here, and we definitely have a few new workout DVDs that are on our radar! What would be on your 10 favorite workout DVD list? Tell us in a comment, and we’ll select one lucky U.S. winner to receive five of the above DVD titles!—Jenn

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