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Single Progression.

Single progression is the gradual addition of weights over time.  Yep – that’s about as sexy as it gets.  In a single progression model,...

Programs Vs. Workouts.

If you’re like most people, when it comes to exercise, you use the terms “program” and “workout” interchangeably.  But they are completely...

Powerlifting training, in one line.

“Spend most of your time on squats; spend pretty much your balance of time on bench presses. Every now and then see what you can do on...

Avandia Linked To Heart Attacks.

From It should surprise no one in the health or medical field that the diabetes drug Avandia is linked to an increased risk of...

A Quick Note.

Hey all - Due to some interesting changes in my personal life, I’ve let my blogging responsibilities lapse somewhat.  My sincerest...

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