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Hi I'm "Ester" from Toronto, Canada. Safety and quality assurance associates in an American company. Working at night, blogger during the day
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Beauty Organizer

I purchase this small caddy organizer at Target Bramalea Centre. I've been wanting to buy this kind of organizer to put in the basement washroom...

Latest Selfie

This is the latest selfie I have on my file, I thought it would be nice to share it here. I am happy with result of all the beauty routine I...

Makeup For Tiring Day

This was taken yesterday before me and hubby went to church. I was a little bit tired so I thought it would be good to put a little more makeup....

Red long Skirt and Scarp

I bought this long red skirt with the red scarp. It was on sale so I grab it soon as I saw it. I also wanted to buy the blue long skirt on the...

Breakout Due To Sinusitis Allergy

I wanted to post this picture on my FB timeline, but the pimple breakout around my upper lips and chin are obvious. hehehehhe I am really...
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Nov 14 2009 by estertey
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