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I am a rather healthy person, and very active. I love the outdoors, and would, and usually am, outside for the most part of the day in the spring, summer, and the fall. Thou do to the cold and pain therefore accompanied, I am not outside all that often in the winter. I love to garden, and have extensive flower gardens thru-out my property. (yes, ok, sounds a bit 'hoky' but I enjoy it very much. I have 3 boys, and 1 girl, all teenagers, so needless to say, my house brings me a new trial /... Full Bio
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I have Steroid PseudoRheumatism. Is there anyone familar with this that can help me? Please.

I have had this for 5 years.  I was in the hospital with an episode of optic neuritis, and I was then diagnosed with MS.  for the optic neuritis...

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