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Erin Spineto

Author of Islands and Insulin, A Diabetic Sailor's Memoir, Erin Spineto, a UC San Diego graduate and science teacher, works with non-profit Insulindependence in her quest to inspire fellow Type I diabetics to overcome limitations. Determined to challenge herself as a Type I diabetic, she... Full Bio
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Sea Peptide Shift

          Long-distance, open water swimming takes a lot. Swimming over four miles in 86 degree water with the sun blazing down on you through 90...

The BEST Fix for Low Blood Sugar- GU Energy Gel

Sea Peptide swimmers are excited to announce our Official Low Blood Sugar Fix!! How long should you have to wait until your favorite low food...

Sea Peptide Swimmers

Look who joined the team... Renee Moreno signed on on Friday afternoon. She is an experienced surfer, sailer, body surfer and...

Run Sherpa or Aide Station on Wheels?

    I'm not sure which name I like best, but the job is the same. Each Sunday I accompany Tony on his long run. Of course I am not fast enough to...

Someday I Will

I see a white sail, Skipping cross a blue bay, And I say Someday I Will. Don't need to know who,May help you make it come...

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Jun 24 2013 by Erin Spineto
I made a Lego Stop Motion movie to inspire people to overcome their "limits". Check it out