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Erin Spineto

Author of Islands and Insulin, A Diabetic Sailor's Memoir, Erin Spineto, a UC San Diego graduate and science teacher, works with non-profit Insulindependence in her quest to inspire fellow Type I diabetics to overcome limitations. Determined to challenge herself as a Type I diabetic, she... Full Bio
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Explore Our New Website

The Sea Peptide Salties now have a new website !!! Come explore our new adventures and stories from the road.Don't...

The Plans are Coming Together

Plans for the second Sea Peptide Salties adventure are coming together nicely. In late June/early July we will travel to Wilmington, North...

Sea Peptide SUPers Application Out September 26

We are gearing up for another huge trip. This time we will be Stand Up Paddling 100 miles in the Intracoastal Waterway from Wilmington, North...

Sunday Adventurer- Ernest Shakleton

     When we were cruising around Key West on our last adventure , we stopped for a while at Key West Island Books. I love checking out used book...

I Need a View of Something

     I finally went back to the pool last week. I wanted to test out how the new Untethered Regimen would do in the pool. I was hoping it would...

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Jun 24 2013 by Erin Spineto
I made a Lego Stop Motion movie to inspire people to overcome their "limits". Check it out