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I'm a mother of two who recently lost our first child, Charlotte, to a rare chromosomal issue that resulted in various health issues and complications. She was 3 years and eight months old. With her we dealt with developmental issues as well as heart, lung, kidney, and feeding issues. She used... Full Bio
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It's Summer, Man, Where do we begin?

I like fall the best. But I am focusing very hard on enjoying the moment and not getting overly excited about September when we still have a few...

I have been reading blog ...

I have been reading blogs again and such. It's because I am working on my master's project and it has to do with poor prenatal diagnosis and...


February ended. We went to Hawaii. The last time we were there was in 2005 with 2 week old Charlotte. What an...


I can't stand February in SLC.  First of all, it's disgusting out. The air is like sludge and huge looming black piles of filthy snow line the...

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