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Erin C

I'm Erin. I'm glam, glitz and unfortunately I have a gut. Watch me lose it!
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New Blog, Check It Out

Hey Lovers, If you have a quick sec, check out my new blog: ) -Erin

New Blog, For Reals

Hey guys, I made a new blog. I'm going to keep this one up for a while and then probably make it private. I've been feeling the need to start...

No Time Like The Present

Hi Friends, I’ve lost my blogging mojo! I don’t know where it’s gone but I hope I find it soon! For every post that I’m focused and...

Blogland is Quiet & A Real Update

Hi Blogging Buddies, Ok, is it just me or is Blogland oh-so quiet, like the Bjork song? A lot of my fav blogs have gone on hiatus, which...

Two Missed Weigh Ins, Oops

Hey Everyone, I've been a horrible blogger, I'm sorry. To be honest, things have been a bit quiet on my blog and I've been pretty busy. I'm...

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