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Erica Verrillo

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Erica F. Verrillo was completing her doctorate in Speech Communication before falling ill with CFS in 1992. She is the co-author, with Lauren Gellman, of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, 1st Edition (St. Martin's). She is also the author of three middle reader fantasies, Elissa's... Full Bio
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Large-scale analysis shows brain inflammation is a hallmark of autism - Parallels with ME/CFS?

A large-scale autopsy study performed by Johns Hopkins has revealed that the brains of people with autism show chronic inflammation produced...

US Disabled Hold Protests at Bethesda

By Russell Logan From Press Release:  December 10, 2014 . Protesters rallied outside the NIH campus in Bethesda MD on December 10, angry...

Help the National ME/FM Action Network win $5000!

You can vote once a day, every day, until the semi-finals are over on December 10.  Voting is easy. Just sign in automatically with your...

"Let's Blow The Lid Off This Thing!": ME Advocacy Group initiates national media campaign

To donate to the national PR campaign  click HERE . From  ME Now Is the Time for a National PR Campaign for ME/CFS! ...

A Tale of Two Meetings: CFSAC and P2P

Two important meetings are scheduled for early December: CFSAC (CFS Advisory Committee) and P2P (Pathways to Prevention). The CFSAC meeting...
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