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NEWARK, California
I'm a 29 year old, mother of 2. My kids and hubby have always come first, but after years of not taking any real care of myself, i have come to the conclution that i will not be where i want to be health wise if i dont' do anything about it.
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does any one know of a really simple healthy cook book

I always come across books that state they are simple! But to me honest, I don't have many of their ingredients in my pantry! Maybe I need to go...
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Mar 03 2008 by Tine B.

Hi Erica,

I have a couple of Weight Watcher's cook books. They have some that specifically have recipes that take under 30 minutes for busy moms like you.

You can probab;y borrow some at the local library and see if you like them enough to buy them.