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Hello! I am so excited & honored to be a part of this community! Just a little bit about myself.... I am a runner, gluten free foodie, I practice yoga and meditation, and I try to laugh at least once a day. I believe that a healthy life is a balanced life and includes all types of foods,... Full Bio
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I've Moved!

This blog has moved to . Please update your links! All of the old posts have been moved over, and plenty of new ones have...

Baked Eggs, Guardian Angels & Love Notes

I just sat for 15 minutes trying to write something cute leading me into my new recipes for Baked Eggs. Then I realized there's nothing cute about...

Grateful Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I spent the morning doing this... ... then spent some time with friends...

Philadelphia Marathon 2012 in Pictures

Not much time to write a full post about my weekend in Philly since Thanksgiving is just a few days away & I still don't have all my new holiday...

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