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Erica P. Registered Nurse

Colorado Springs, Colorado
I'm an ER nurse, a single mom, a writer, an editor, and the poster child for ADD. I drink too... Full Bio
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Mental Image of the Night

Imagine, if you will... A pretty little girl in the passenger seat after ballet class, cheeks flushed and hair in a bun... Billows of plum-colored...


Traditionally we've always done our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, a remnant of the days when we both worked shiftwork and got stuck working on...

There. Is. No. Magic. Bullet.

Public service announcement time, folks. There is no quick fix. There is no instant answer. There is no effortless solution to your woes.  Not...

A Bitch-Slap From Ma Nature

...winter has arrived with an icy blast.   ~e~

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