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Erica Stauffer My childhood was filled with country meadows, strife, and lessons that have both... Full Bio
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Erica Stauffer My childhood was filled with country meadows, strife, and lessons that have both benefited me and haunted me during my adult life. I grew up in a family of 6, among them two sisters and a brother. Although we fought like cats and dogs, I love them all and am a better person today for having grown up with them. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since the age of 15 and have sought numerous venues to cure me of my stresses. As time has progressed I found that the cure was not in a pill or a doctor's visit but rather by changing my mindset. I began to read books on living in the present moment and focused on the good in life rather than the bad. Through realizing how much I have to be grateful for in my life I have ceased to obsess on what society tells me my life is missing. Chris and I both have learned a lot about dealing with the stress of every day life and want to share this information with you. We decided that sharing what we know as well as learning from you could, in a small way, make a difference in the world. I met my husband, Chris, about 4 years ago at work. He was this great guy who had a thing for bad 80's music and a love of dancing ?the robot.? I knew I liked him when we played Sonic the Hedgehog on our first date and he didn't let me win. He reminds me to breathe when I get stressed out and holds me when I have had a rough day. He is my rock. I am a Mother of 2 beautiful children, Ayden and Cosette . My children have tilted my world and made me realize what the true meaning of love is. They are two of my greatest teachers and are my life's joy. Life has thrown me many curves but I don't regret any of them. Life's lessons have made me who I am and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for reading our site and taking the time to share with us. I hope to get to know you better and look forward to learning from you. __________________________________ Chris Stauffer The concept for this site in a way started 7 and a half years ago when I was a resident of a town in Texas whose values didn't align with my own. It seemed as though everyone around me had very different priorities and generally it was all about money and image. At first I thought there was something wrong with me because I felt so different from everyone else. My priorities were my friends, family and a life filled with wonderful moments and few regrets. This uncertainty began to lead to stress, anxiety and eventually a severe 2 year depression in which I became almost a hermit living a very solitary and very phobic life. I took a position on the night shift in order to avoid contact with others. I looked back through my life and could not remember a time when I had actually been happy. It seemed as though I had been faking happiness in order to fit in. During conversations with others I began to notice my negativity and started to get sick of hearing myself complain. I didn't know how to change or if it was even possible. I started looking for answers because I couldn't continue to live like this. I read books in self help, philosophy, literature and the spiritual section looking for answers. I found some with authors such as Carlos Castaneda and Dan Millman. I recognized how out of control my mind was. I became a witness or observer to my own thoughts. I started to work on meditation to discipline my mind. I have literally used hundreds of methods and totally changed my world view. I started to feel empowered and a sense of freedom I remember feeling as a child. It suddenly occurred to me that I could move to a place where others had similar priorities and values as me. I moved to Austin, Texas and that's where I met Erica. I knew instantly that we were perfect for each other. We started our life together approximately 4 years ago and live happily just outside Austin. We've had very different pasts but both struggled with stress, anxiety and depression at times in our lives and we want to help others with the information we've learned.