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Yellow Springs, Ohio
Dear Reader, I awaken compassion for students with learning disabilities in themselves and those around them. Compassion is a difficult thing to teach and even more difficult to learn. By telling stories of how I struggled with my dyslexia, I help students with learning disabilities laugh at their... Full Bio
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The Coming Failure of Email

Email has replaced phone calls, letters and Fax's.  Email has become the #1 way that people communicate.  The only problem is that email...

Art is Service

Life is not filled with television, radio and internet.  Life is filled with stories spread through television, radio and internet.  Where...

A Reccomendation

What does it mean to be dyslexic?  How does being labeled a dyslexic become a label or a shield?  These are some of the questions that this...

A Video Demonstration of Dyslexia

Personally this makes my head hurt - so they are on to something.  You know? I think the possibilities are limitless here - but this...

Questions from the Creative Learners at the Assets School

Hi - Dear Friends from Ms **** Classroom. I wish I has a the time to answer all your questions by mail - individually – I have...
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