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Epilepsy & Seizures Community - General Discussions

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Research and Awareness Because Epilepsy Awareness Month is a time to let everyone know about epilepsy, I thought I would ...
Nov 10 2011 4:05pm
Epilepsy Clinical Research Study Hi, I’m Alicia and I don’t know if any of you are interested in clinical research studies, but I tho ...
Oct 26 2011 5:57pm
Self-Diagnosis I'm now 18 and I had been having small 'jerks' that involved my right coming up to my ear. Think t ...
Jun 08 2010 10:30am
Valium   i have ordered this valium medication form its action is fast and is real ...
Jan 27 2010 10:07am
The AAN and neurofeedback for epilepsy I sent a letter to the American Academy of Neurology asking what it is going to take for their mem ...
Jan 08 2009 2:44pm