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we've moved by danielle foltz You can keep following Trevy’s miracle story at our new home: Read on »
we've moved by danielle foltz You can keep following Trevy’s miracle story at our new home: Read on »
Results from the Video EEG Monitoring - a new game plan! by Kelly Patient Expert I always joke, the best way to cure seizures is to leave the damn EEG leads on the child full time!  So, here we are, Day 5 and no seizure activity.  The EEG leads are final ... Read on »
Happy 12th Birthday Jenelle! by Kelly Patient Expert Jenelle spent her 12th Birthday at CHOC, and the Child Life Staff made her birthday extra special! The family will celebrate Jenelle's birthday on Sunday with d ... Read on »
Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Blockers Library from OTAVA by otavateam Voltage-gated sodium channels are a class of large integral membrane proteins, composed of a highly processed α subunit and one or several smaller β subunits.The& ... Read on »
Video EEG Monitoring at CHOC by Kelly Patient Expert Yesterday, Jenelle and I checked into our new home for a few days at Children's Hospital Orange County (CHOC.)  Jenelle was hooked up to a video EEG, and we'll be here anywh ... Read on »
CHOC WALK 2014 - WE DID IT! by Kelly Patient Expert Jenelle at Mommy after the CHOC Walk 2014! Yesterday, Jenelle and I got up and out the door at 5:00 AM to participate in the CHOC Walk in the Park at the ... Read on »
We survived, but barely! First day of Middle School for Jenelle and other updates by Kelly Patient Expert Well, we survived the MRI, the trip and exam at Berkeley, and now, the first day/week of Middle School ... barely.  Actually, I should have known better.  Jenelle has be ... Read on »
Update re MRI & UC Berkeley Eye Center by Kelly Patient Expert All of the testing I previously mentioned in the last update for Jenelle has begun.  On August 21, Jenelle had a sedated MRI at CHOC.  Given this child's love for food, I wa ... Read on »
A long overdue update on Jenelle... by Kelly Patient Expert Wow, so much to say... here we go! As you may recall, at our last appointment with Dr. Shields, he announced his official retirement and that it was the last time we'd be ... Read on »