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what is icd9 code for seizures that happen when exposed to chemicals or mold

Posted by ontheair

I have severe multiple chemcical sensitivity and invasive as well as pulmoanry aspergillosis.  I am forced to wear a mask when in public so can't easily atend church or go to a storoe.  What is the icd9 code for mcs and also for seizures I get when I get around even small levels of ANY chemical or mold.  Photos on my site.  Very sick fighting for SSA and need to know what is the code or name of seizures..they are not seizures are only induced by the environment.  I need as many codes by Monday to give to SSA as they are making a decision.  Our cases were docuemnted as the ONLY to ever have such extreme and bizarre findings...3 types asp and stachy in dna anlyses and also T2 poisoning....   Have met with Governor who is helping me to help others..but I have to live in a prison due to such extreme ilness and pain..They keep asking me what kind of seizures?  My face is twisted and contorted and so is left arm and leg.. any codes helpful?
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