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What bowel cleaning meds for colonoscopy prep have least seizure risk?

Posted by Straw Dog

I had an unexplained seizure that put me in the hospital for a whole week. I see that several of the commonly used laxative preparations have seizure risk. What are the best options? I used magnesium citrate and Fleet enemas 5 years ago, but now I am asked to drink a gallon of polyethylene glycol solution. The information provided by the pharmacy indicates that seizures are possible, so I would rather find something without an unknown risk. Maybe there is a ranked list somewhere?  Thanks.
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Straw Dog, Ask you doctor if there are any tablets that you can take instead of drinking a gallon of solution.Drinking  all that liquid will mess up your electrolyte levels.People who have epilepsy are at a greater risk of having a seizure because it lowers the seizure medication level and it screws up the electrolyte level. 
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