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What are the cuases of a muscle spasm in the left arm during a Syncope episode at age 13?

Posted by Brianakfs

ok so my daughter Kayla has had already two syncopes, they were about a month seprate from eachother, her latest one was around almost a month ago. The first one we went to the emergency room, she had told us her lower back was hurting. We took her there and they said she had bruised her tailbone so lets just say about a month later she was at her friends house she had had another syncope episode ( we are assuming becuase no one has told us why the fainting happened) the friends sister told me she started walking and bumped into her then she hit her head on the corner of something and fell back. During all this Kaylas eyes were open and her left arm was shaking (spasm). What could be the cuase of this, why did this happen?
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