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Update - waiting to be neutropenic

Posted Feb 10 2009 10:13am
Sorry not to update here lately; I honestly haven't really touched a computer in days. Yes, the home computer crashed again... for a 4th and 5th time. Whatever Brett is doing to try to fix it, it isn't working. But hey, it's not like he doesn't have other stuff to worry about. ;) He is truly amazing.

Things went so well with my 3rd and 4th doses of chemo the doctor discharged me early on Saturday night instead of Sunday morning. It has been wonderful to have that extra night at home. When I was first admitted back in November, the hospital gave me this huge blue folder with a ton of information about cancer, cancer support groups and information on my specific type of cancer. The morning before we returned for Round 2, I read a booklet on "Neutrophils" and how chemo affects them. I now understand why it is possible to do the chemo doses outpatient, and then how you sick get a week later. It takes time for the chemo poison to kill the cells when you are somewhat healthy as I was going into this last round.

Right now is a very critical time. I really need to watch exposure to bacteria and viruses, and I have a home health nurse that stops by every day to draw blood from my PICC line. Jack thinks its cool that Mommy has these tubes hanging from her arm - not sure I like it so much. We are literally waiting for my white blood cells to drop to nothing, and during that time I could be at greater risk if I'm exposed to any germs so I'm stuck inside. Ironically, home is healthier and cleaner than the hospital, so I'm told.

Being home has been a little hard right now as I was getting used to my energy and routine from just more than a week ago. I miss not being able to go out to lunch, or Starbucks, but realized its for my best health. Brett even suggest I go with him to Blockbuster today, but I really didn't want to risk it. It's not a matter of "if" I will get sick or neutropenic, but when. Once my white blood cells and neutrophils are depleated by the chemo, I will return to the hospital for observation and care. That is when I may need things like transfusions, platelets and the like. My oncologist thinks I'll be back by this Friday. Once back in the hospital, I will just be there until my white blood cells return, so if I can stay healthy and not add illness to it, I'll be back home sooner.

So far I've been doing well with the chemo. Some nausea, but no vomiting and absolutely no rash this time! I think that has seriously made this much more bearable. So for now, I am just waiting at home to get "sick." What a weird concept.

I will update when we head back up to UCLA, or if things change significantly. Thank you again for everything. KCA!
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