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Two black eyes and one helluva fright

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:00pm
With a frightened start I awoke, my bed sheets tangled around my naked body. The room was dark and in my panic I presumed it was during the night, and groggily I sat up in my bed feeling queasy. Stumbling up, I realised I was completely naked, and so I pulled on the nearest garments lying on the floor, and awkwardly wandered across the hall, holding onto the walls for support. Making my way into The Mother’s room I panicked as I realised she wasn’t in bed and I started to scream her name, wondering what the hell was going on.

Groggily I made my way downstairs, and managed to phone The Mother to which she asked worriedly if I was okay. Luckily her timing was perfect, and she was just outside the house, returning from work. Taking one look at me, she asked if I had a seizure to which I responded I simply didn’t know. She handed me a mirror, and I grimaced at the reflection staring back at me. The right hand side of my face was swollen, with a black eye beginning to emerge, and there were two long cuts on my cheek. Shuddering I began to cry.

Things started to come back to me – being in the bathroom and my arms jerking away from me and overheating in bed, but unfortunately nothing was completely making sense. The Mother went upstairs to inspect the damage, and shouted me to come and look. The bathroom cabinet (which is basically a bookcase designed for bathrooms) was empty of shampoo and other miscellaneous bathroom products – instead they were littering the floor in an untidy heap. In the shower chamber, the top I had been wearing earlier was lying in a wet pile – goodness knows how it got there!

Three hours later and things are still not completely making sense. I don’t remember getting into bed, and I barely remember being in the bathroom – not to mention I have no idea why I took all my clothes off. My face is still very swollen, and my body is aching and a second black eye is beginning to emerge. I got an incredible fright waking up to an empty house when I was positive it was the middle of the night, and what makes it worse is there is none of the obvious triggers that cause my ‘big’ seizures, making me worry that this could happen again.

Despite it all though, I have to keep reminding myself that there are people that go through this on a daily basis, and so really I have a lot to be grateful for that this is only my second major seizure in six months. Things could always be worse after all.

(cross posted in Jane's Addiction )
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