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The emperor fiancee appearance with charity dinner with action crushing break up rumors

Posted Mar 01 2013 2:55am
Recently, many American gossip media widely in Miami heat star lebron and his fiancee savoie na - cloth LinSen appear between the emotional problem, two people are the break up, the evidence is in the past all-star weekend lebron and didn't take her to visit the White House, in ga ga when her figure and did not appear in the heat Nike Air Max 90 Mens player dependant ranks. So what is the real situation how? Maybe the fans also guessing, but lebron attitude may provide some suggested. The heat in today's hosted a family foundation night, this is their fifth host similar party, a move aimed at all to the local charity to raise funds. According to the Miami heat President pat riley said, the party raised more than $1 million in donations. These are not the key point, the most let the heat fans rest assured, that lebron's debut with savoie together, two people in front of a camera looks very close, no so-called "feelings appear crack" signs. It seems lebron also learn a lot of smart, in the face of rumor don't need to use language with the action response, crushing them is the most direct and effective way. Also today, lebron is still in his Twitter to forward a savoie's latest photos, and to praise. From the picture we can see that savoie her recent effect reducing weight is good, a small white suit with small black Nike Air Max 90 Womens waistcoat and black bottoms look very sensible shape, looks particularly pure and fresh but person. Pictures of the savoie na a face of happy appearance, sweet smile, but also made a face, the mood is quite good. "Beauty go up! (U go lil lady!)" lebron on Twitter and fans to share the equal of his fiancee. 26 year old savoie na - cloth LinSen is lebron high school girlfriend, the association between two people keep so far. Savoie na for lebron gave birth to two children, one is small lebron, eight years old this year. The other is a blaise, 5 years old this year. North Korea and the United States basketball players of the two countries, and in Pyongyang liu jing ZhengZhouYong basketball stadium. North Korea's supreme leader JinZhengEn Mrs Together LiXueZhu came to the court, and visiting the national basketball association (NBA) former star Dennis rodman, exactly sitting side by side in the grandstand central watch the game. In the game by 12 from north Nike Air Max 90 Womens Korea's sports university of current and former players and four American haring fancy basketball player blend composition between the two teams on the red and white. Two teams starters for the two American players and three north Korean players. According to the game in the second half of total four day, every day for ten minutes. At half-time, north Korea cheerleader were wearing the traditional costume and perform miniskirt, the scene atmosphere. From Pyongyang's college students, citizens and foreign embassy in toward the diplomats, international organizations, such as representative to watch the game. Not allowed to the xinhua news agency did by the channel to know, before the start of the match to the audience the DPRK is introduced, the contestants on the big screen play NBA video. After the grouping, haring fancy basketball team players to north Korea giving two color red and white uniforms. During the game, the top of head hat, nose frame sunglasses with the player JinZhengEn direct conversation, talking and laughing. Game with 110 points, 110 points than a tie. After the game, north Korea Cheap Nike Air Max 95 sports university to haring fancy basketball team present silk banner. At the end of the game player said speech, thank north Korea's gracious invitation to visit the United States players, the game reflects the relations between people, "although the relations between the two countries is regret, but as I personally, I am the captain of the north Korean people JinZhengEn and friends".
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