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Posted by SailorV1234

I'm now 18 and I had been having small 'jerks' that involved my right coming up to my ear. Think the Thriller Dance. It started when I was 14 and I figured that everyone had them. The 'jerks' didn't happen that often so I didn't think much of it (I just thought that everyone had them) until I was 16. By this time my 'jerks' had become frequent, so much so that when I told my parents that I kept having them, they didn't believe me. I felt horrible, but I never told any of my friends. I really felt alone, I don't know how I managed to not fall into full on depression.

When I started my junior year in High school I took a psychology class. We only talked about epilepsy for a minute, I think it happened in September. Come December I did research. Thank you Wikipedia. I found out that I thought that I had Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. Still, my parents didn't believe me. It wasn't until a teacher of mine, who lives in my neighborhood and is really close to us, saw me have a 'jerk' during school and told my parents that my mom finally took a little notice. When we went to my family doctor he told us to go to a certain doctor because he doesn't even want to deal with that sort of thing. My mom made the appointment and from there I felt the happiest in my life.  found out that I did in fact have JME. I was put on lamictal and I have finally felt 'normal.'

I just want to know if anyone else self-diagnosed them self. My doctor told me that it was amazing that I took my condition into my own hands. He told me that now that I'm on medication that when I have a grand-mal it won't be as bad as it could be. I will have one eventually, but for now I'm content with that fact that when I have one, it won't be as life threatening.

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