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Seizure strikes out of the blue

Posted Nov 09 2012 12:50pm
On Friday, April 16, 2010 I was on my third day of no sleep. Being that I am an epileptic, this is not good as sleep deprivation is a trigger (for me that is). Not everyone has the same triggers.

On top of this I had been suffering with migraines for several weeks and been taking Motrin instead of drinking caffeine to offset the pain.

I was putting stuff into storage, cleaning, and doing laundry when I woke up on the deck totally confused and disoriented, slightly aware of my surroundings.

Then I realized what happened, yet I had no warning and been taking medicine regularly and eating every 3 hours to keep blood sugar levels controlled as this also happens to be another trigger.

Also, I have been taking natural supplements to replace the vitamins and minerals lost due to my anti-seizure medication.

By God’s grace I managed to get up and still finish cleaning as tired as I was, able to function physically with much pain, mental confusion lasted for several hours, however I just existed, almost lost in my mind and the pain of muscles and a badly bitten tongue (makes hard for eating, yet is normal).

Finally hit bed about 3 PM in the afternoon, fell asleep until my son woke me to let me know his dad was here and he was leaving for the weekend, then I got up for a little while, eat and watched some television.

Fortunately, a friend came for a visit and we watched a movie and she just hung out with me since she was not doing anything and wanted to make sure I was okay. This was really nice.

So finally half of the movie I started dozing and I went to bed around 8 PM or a few minutes later and woke up at 12 PM on Saturday, April 17, 2010.

Saturday’s report is I managed to get up, still awake, doing a little laundry and dishes, managed to take a bath safely and just taking it easy. Though I am going to bed early tonight and hopefully with a cup of warm milk should fall asleep.

Neck muscles are still kinked, other than that a little fatigue is normal.

The scary thing is there was no warning like I used to have. The good thing it has been a year since the last gran mal seizure. However, I still have tremors from time to time and know they could progress to the next stage at any given point and time.

I am so thankful, that I was home and not in a car driving. That definitely would have been much worse and carries with it huge consequences.

Other than that life is slowly returning to normal and I will once again be back on my feet and there will be no stopping me, my Epilepsy slows me down occasionally, but not forever.

Just got to keep on going!
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