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puppy other words WAY too many puppy pics! (a picture marathon)

Posted Dec 07 2009 12:00am

So we set off on the great puppy picking adventure yesterday afternoon...

And this little chunk'a cute-a-licious is what we brought home!

So those of you who've been around for awhile already know that my hubster is a HUGE O's fan.

He grew up in Northern Virginia...and has a very strong loyal streak...

which is why we unashamedly share that we're raising the kiddos to be just as die-hard O's as daddy-o!

Which includes naming our various pets (we had three dogs in Tanzania) after something O's-ish.

We had a Camden...for Camden Yards. A Brooks...Brooks Robinson.

Jonathan's favorite was a huge beast of a dog we were given. Boog looked much more lion than dog. He was the perfect guard dog!

We really weren't even considering getting a puppy.

But then our friends had to go and offer us a little muchkin! She's a Cockapoo for the interested. Jonathan grew up with one. And it only breed we were really interested in. What with the nostalgia...and non-shedding factor. We had window shopped two years ago...making our wallets knees shake. Turned out nostalgia was definately outta our budget!

Until now!

I know...I know...

I'm sure I'll feel differently after a few potty pick-ups...

But it just seems really neat that she'd come now.

Like Someone knew all along when the time would be right...

When the kids would be ready...

Although it's interesting that Trevy is way more into chewing the puppy's bones...

than actually playing with her! She's a little too...ummmm...friendly...for his sensory-self.

But I think feels right. For Toby and Bristel to bond with her. To find comfort in cuddling her.

They need it...ya know.

And boy o' boy...I hope Callie (any guess who she's named for?) needs lots'o love too!

Cause she's getting it...

by the squeeze full!

And it's only a matter of time before Bristel start breaking out the baby doll clothes too!

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