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Need Blood and Platelet Donations

Posted May 26 2009 10:09pm
If you are in Southern California and your blood type is A Positive, I could use your platelets. I was supposed to get Platelets today but the blood bank was out of my type. I need type specific platelets as O negative gives me a rash. The nurse told me that the bank is critically low right now on blood and platelets.

To donate to me specifically, you have to donate at the UCLA blood bank on Galey. I'm sure they can use any type to help increase the bank, but it you donate and you are A positive, please ask that the blood/platelets be used for me at Santa Monica.

For more information, check out UCLA's Blood Bank website.

My fever is lower today, around 101.8, and I'm starting to get a rash on my arms, possibly from one of the new anti-biotics. I am getting two different IV antibiotics, one IV anti-fungal and one IV anti-viral. They are pulling out the big guns to get me through this. My neutrophils are still at zero so my body isn't helping much. I feel pretty crappy and am enjoying the Benedryl naps I get. I still can not have visitors.

Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers. KCA
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