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My triggers

Posted Nov 09 2012 12:54pm
Often times, persons with Epilepsy discover triggers to their seizures. Triggers vary from person to person and please keep this in mind as mine is from personal experience. I advise keeping a diary of what was going on, food, time of day, etc. This will help you discover what you need to avoid and also help your neurologist in determining your ongoing treatment.

Sleep deprevation
Vitamin deficiency
Mineral deficiency
Lack of exercise
Hormones (female)
Water dehydration
Salt dehydration
Over the counter medicines---decongestants, antihistamines, antibiotics, pain killers, etc.
Food allergies
Migraines (often related to seizures)
Adrenal fatique syndrome
Illnesses (viruses)
Immune system problems
Diet (high carb, starch or sugars)
Flashing lights or sensitivity to lights
Cold temperatures (which also affect Migraines, Arthritis, etc.)
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