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My Story

Posted Oct 19 2010 7:57pm
I am 28 Years Old I Live in a small town in Michigan, When I was 9 years old I was diagnosed with Acstrocytoma which is a cancerous Tumor of the Brain. I had the Tumor successfully removed when I was 9 by way of Brain Surgery. About 4 years down the road I was diagnosed with Epilepsey. My doctor said the epilesey is caused by the brain remembering the trauma from the Tumor. I Must take Dilantin every day to help prevent seizures. They are controlled for the most part with Dilantin. The only time I seem to have problems is if I dont take my medication for period of time. Having lived with epilepsey now for 15 years I have become used to the lifestyle of taking pills on a daily basis and I do what I can to lead as much of a normal life as I possibly can. My dreams of being in the military are over as they will not except someone with epilepsey. I would really enjoy talking with people about this disorder I am not ashamed and love to hear opinions.
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