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My little bookcase

Posted Oct 18 2012 4:25am

Grew up I no longer love is sweet and delicious chocolate, no longer like interesting TV play, just like my smallbeats by drebookcase, because bookcase bring me great pleasure.

My bookcase have a fat body, dressed in blue color clothes, divided into the desk and bookcase two parts. Below is a desk, it has four rectangle shelf, the second is embedded with a small square lattice. The shelf put a lot of books, and also I like little thing. The first layer put a "hundred thousand whys" and "Andersen fairy tale"; The second put my photo album, the little square grid put me to do manual paper roll and pack all kinds of exercise book a small box; The third layer put the pupils excellent composition "and" xinhua dictionary ", "idiom dictionary, etc.; The fourth floor put the riddle daqo ", "jokes daqo", "the comic book" and BaBiWaWa, and table tennis bat.

When I worry, from the bookcase took the joke guinnessworldrecords look, book of joke suddenly my troubles cast to the winds; When I met won't write word, he got out his dictionary and looked up, When I write a composition, from the bookcase out "hundred thousand whys" or "pupil composition" to consult, When I am bored, he would take out the comic book to have a look, will and my BaBiWaWa a play, or get out my paper roll for a while a telescope, a moment do pagoda play, immediately my time and will be very happy. Every time I read book, will put the books back in situ pendulum neatly.

This bookcase is I learn a good helper, life good partner, it is not only a profoundly learned teacher, is my intimate circle of friends.I love my little bookcase!

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