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Intense flashing light in both eyes after workout

Posted by CooperLee

Last night I had intense flashing zig zags across my vision.  It was the same whether I had either eye open and I could see it even with my eyes closed.  I felt quite weak and a bit shaken, but not sure if that was the fear brought on by what was happening.  It started when I was walking home after a 40 minute workout with weights.  I walked home with squinted eyes trying not to freak out, the zig zag shape was so intense across my eyes, solid black with green lines and focussing on them made me panic.  This was very extreme.  I had lots of water when I got in and I lied down in a dark room, it got better after about 10 minutes.   Often, I get a small circle of translucent dots in the middle of my vision regardless of which eye is open, only when I am walking briskly and my temperature is quite high.  Because I can see it regardless of which eye is open, I am convinced that it is not my eyes but more likely something that connects my eyes to my brain, ( I am not medically trained!)  The only other time it happened this badly was a few years back when it was so intense and lasted about an hour and a half.  A walk that normally took me 5 minutes took about 30 minutes as I was shuffling along with my hand over my eyes, too scared to walk at normal pace.  It absolutely horrific and I really want to know why it happens to me.  Dehydration?  Insulin?  Mental breakdown?  Pressure on my eyes?  Seizure?  I have had my eyes tested and they are fine.  I am scared of pushing myself harder in the gym because I know it's going to happen again.  Any advice would be really greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much.  Lee. 

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I've had the same problem, noticing it only after intense workouts. I've talked to both my biology and psychology professors, and the best explanation they can give is that when your body is "cooling down" after a workout, your blood becomes overly oxygenated, and this can cause the cones in your eyes to fire without stimulation from light. The translucent dots at the center of your vision are probably caused by the concentration of cone cells in the fovea region of the eye.

 This answer makes sense to me, but I am in no way a licensed optometrist, so talking to a neurologist or optometrist would be your best bet. 

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