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in between the beautiful

Posted Feb 04 2014 12:00am


His sister is SO good to him.

She plays outside in the cold snow with him happily. Pushes him on the sled never complaining that she doesn't get a turn to be in the sled and is doing all the work.  While he follows behind like a little puppy.  Soaking in the attention and fun.

And he repays her by throwing snow in her face not once...but twice.



These are the things that break my heart.


My heart hurts that she runs in the house crying. But I don't blame her for being so mad and hurt.  I’m hurt and mad too.


And my heart breaks that I don't think he really meant to be mean.  But was. And it's not okay. I made him apologize but he doesn't seem to really feel bad. His cluelessness is both heartbreaking and disturbing.


And I don't know that he'll ever have the impulse control to resist.


And how will he ever have any true friends.

We have so many beautiful moments.  We really do.


But in between the beautiful lies the broken.


And in those broken moments I hate the ADHD...that epilepsy has left on him.



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