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Posted Feb 18 2009 11:51am


14th February 2009

My hubby worked for a chemical plant here in Florida. To make a long story short, he walked through a gas cloud, got into his truck, had a seizure, ultimately doing about $60,000 worth of damage to a building, the truck, etc.

He is presently on worker's compensation for injuries sustained from the accident. We just received a letter from the employer stating that he has been fired because of non disclosure of his epileptic condition.

My husband's seizures were well controlled by medication. He had worked for 2 years in the chemical plant without having any episodes of seizures. It is very unfair for the employer to fire my hubby from his job. Fearing discrimination in his job, my hubby did not disclose he was epileptic.

Was my hubby wrong for not disclosing his condition?

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Please weight the pros and cons of the above case.

Do you think the onus was on the hubby to disclose his epileptic condition to the employer when he was offered his job? And if he had disclosed his condition at the time of employment, would he be subjected to a dismissal of his job in the event of a seizure on the job?

Was the hubby extremely irresponsible and inconsiderate to hide his condition which eventually led to the company's great losses as a result of his seizure that occurred behind the wheel? By not disclosing his condition, would that mean the hubby had breached the terms and conditions of employment, giving the employer the legal right to sack him from his job?

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Thank you very much for visiting and participating in this discussion.

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