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How to treat seizures and pain from left arm nerve damage that came from a stroke?

Posted by Mrs. S

 My brother suffered 3 strokes when he was 14 AND THEN  had a car accident last JANUARY. He is 46 now.

  He broke a rib in the last accident, can only walk a little with a walker and the neurons of his left arm fire off randomly.  This throws off his balance and causes him to fall.

     He's very intelligent but it's hard for him to speak (motor nerve damage.


   What can be done to decrease his pain and increase his mobility?

  To add to that, what can be done to get him back to work? (He's worked for the Cityof OAKLAND, is a graduate, with awards. of UC Berkeley, and is South  Bay Analyst for S.A.M Superbly Abled Minds

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