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How are brain waves supposed to move in an EEG and what do abnormalities suggest?

Posted by amphitrite87

My 25 year old sister recently had a seizure. She went to the ER and they made an appointment for her to have an EEG. It came back abnormal and the tech mentioned to her that the brain waves were moving from the back to the front. A second EEG was scheduled because it was hypothesized that it might have simply been too close to the seizure and that could have impacted the results. The second one was also abnormal. When she asked the doctor what was abnormal and what it implied, he said that he couldn't explain it to her and that she wouldn't be able to understand it. I would like to know any implications that brain waves moving from the back of the brain to the front might have, and what areas I can research to try to give her some peace of mind. We are both highly intelligent and capable of understanding these concepts. 
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