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high five magic

Posted Jan 11 2010 12:00am

I was parked at the computer. Nose to nose with the screen. Catching up on my friends lives. And emails. Ignoring yet another VERY hefty doctor's bill. Placed on the desk for dealing with purposes. But I was not really in the mood to deal.

Our computer is nestled right smack in the middle of our living room.

Which is essentially the whole of the first floor. A gate blocks the kitchen. Because Jonathan still has not mounted all the safety latches. (hint hint, hon) Another gate blocks the stairs leading up to the bedrooms.'d really have to just see Trev on the stairs to fully appreciate the why of it.



I was parked at the computer, like I said. The kids on the couch behind me. PBS keeping them entertained. Blogger friends keeping me.

When I felt a tugging on my hand.

Thinking back on it now...I have myself convinced that I clearly remember a tingle running from my fingertips...right up my arm...all the way to my heart. Making it skip a beat.

I'm not really sure if it actually took place in that moment. But every time I replay that delicious moment in my mind...I can feel the tingling in my fingertips. And I know it's headed to my heart.

Because Trevy did a most amazing thing the other day.

He tugged my hand. It was the first time EVER. He has never initiated hand contact before.

But it got even better...

When I looked down at him he blinked. And raised my arm just so. Elbow bent. Palm up.

Looked me in the eyes again. His twinkling. Lips curved behind the binky.

It was the single most beautiful hi-five. Ever. Toby said they were hi-fiving on the Electric Company. Which must be what gave him the idea. A whole nother level of miraculous!

All I know right now is...I'm not sure that I'll ever wash my hand again...

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