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High fever and a trip to the ER!

Posted Sep 12 2008 8:53am
Well, last night when she got home from daycare, Jenelle was running a fever of 103. I gave her Tylenol and she was fine the rest of the evening. Around 3:00 a.m., she was awake and running a fever of 100. More Tylenol and she went back to sleep. At 6:30 this morning, Jenelle had a fever of 105.3! Off to the ER we went!

At the ER, they ran some tests (blood, urine & an x-ray) and everything is clear. With the very high fever, they are not taking chances and gave Jenelle IV antibiotics. They assume it is "something bacterial" and we have to return to the ER tomorrow for culture results and another round of IV antibiotics (beats a night in the hospital!)

Jenelle is very fussy and crying a lot and its been hard to keep her temperature down. She is holding down fluids, which is good. I think that was the main reason they sent us home, she was hydrated, and we could keep her hydrated via g-tube. The very good news is that she has had some seizures, but none over a minute! Fortunately, we've kept those under control!

Here is a really blurry photo (from my camera phone) of Miss Jenelle and her nasty IV. She didn't like it at all! She is such a trooper!

I hope the ER isn't crowded on Saturday morning. Thanks you for prayers and get well vibes! I'll keep you posted!
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