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Heather Siebens - Epilepsy Activist (Chandler, USA)

Posted Oct 04 2009 10:00pm

I have met SOOOO many amazing people on twitter...naming just a few on here to start...we all need to connect more--talk more out. And get others who aren't--connected!! Amazing blog humbled me big today--Jesus works wonders in all circumstances.

Hi All,

Meet my famous and untiring epilepsy activist friend, Heather Siebens (Hetty) from USA. I got to know Hetty from Twitter. Meeting and communicating with Hetty was one of the happiest things that unfolded to me recently.

Hetty is a lively, bubbly, positive minded person with epilepsy. If you care to view more of Hetty's YouTube videos you will find out from her the various illnesses she is going through in her life. She does not complain about her illnesses but instead advices people to face and accept their illnesses courageously. Adversities are part of everyone's lives.

Hetty not only copes with her own epilepsy condition but she also serves as a great and loving caregiver to her daughter who also has epilepsy. There are chain reactions in life. I am most uplifted by Hetty's constant active participation and contribution towards promoting epilepsy awareness. Likewise, I hope I have been a good source of inspiration to others. And for the people who have been inspired by Hetty and me, I hope you all will on your part be equally uplifting to some more other people.

In a highly stigmatized society that we live in, let us work as an unbreakable united force to eradicate or reduce wrong myths and misconceptions about epilepsy.


(Hetty can be connected in Twitter @EpilepsyCures or @AliveinMe or you can visit her at )

Acknowledgement : Thank you very much Hetty for mentioning me in this YouTube video of yours.

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