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Epilepsy and my controlling methods

Posted Nov 09 2012 12:53pm
I have several different methods for controlling my seizures. Following is a list of what I do to help sustain my daily living and to lessen the number of seizures I have. Please be advised, that what I list is what works for me. If you see something and feel that it may help you and you pursue this, it is by your own choice. I am not recommending any treatment or method, I am just sharing what helps me, personally.

Plenty of sleep (at least 7 to 9 hours nightly, may be more or less for some)
High protein diet
Staying away from carbs, sugars and starches (as much as possible and not easy)
Relaxing baths
Listening to soothing music (this calms my soul, mind and body)
Breathing exercises (brings in more oxygen, epileptics don't have enough, usually)
Taking multi-vitamins or supplements (natural only)
Seeing a holistic chiropractor (aids in healing the body from within)
Homeopathic medicines from common illnesses (this helps to lessen or shorten the illness, doesn't cure it, plus the benefit, no side effects)
Thinking positive
Letting go of life's problems (easier said than done)
Living life to the fullest on good days
Learning to say No (talk about relief)
Taking anti-seizure medication on a regular basis (adjust as needed)
Watching intake of alcohol (vary rarely drink, due to cross reactions with anti-seizure meds) Hysterectomy (this was done for I had cancer cells in my ovaries, endometriosis, andomyosis and scar tissue from a c-section when my son was born)

The methods I have listed are what helps me to live my life with less seizures compared to a couple of years ago. My hysterectomy which was necessary helped to lessen the seizures monthly, but at the same time put me in full blown menopause that triggers the seizures somewhat, but not as severely. I do not in no way recommend having a hysterectomy as a way of controlling or curing Epilepsy, mine happened because I started having very heavy periods every day a couple of years ago and after a biopsy showed how sick I was with endometriosis, andomyosis, cancer cells in ovaries and scar tissue from the c-section I had when my son was born. Other treatments did not work out as hoped so as a last resort, my gynecologist decided the procedure should be done.
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