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dream night 2010

Posted Jun 16 2010 12:00am
I'm not gonna lie.

In between all the therapies, toxin pushing, seizures, surgeries, doctors appointments, special ed advocating, doctor discussions, meltdowns, tears, fears, sleepless nights, fuzzy futures...

in between all that...

you will find a Special Needs perk hidden here n' there.

Dream Night at Zoo is one of those perks!

Our local Children's Hospital sponsors a special night every June...

for families dealing with chronic medical conditions...

to come and enjoy all the zoo has to offer. Beside other families living in the trenches too.

There are fun little exploration centers set up everywhere...

like this clay-mation station which sensory Trevy wasn't too thrilled about...

But his artsy sister was!

Toby actually stayed behind this year. Instead, attending a very (if you're a 9 year old boy) important Little League game. It was a big deal. See, I'm fairly uptight about supporting each other. But he came to me very maturely and explained his reasons - like what if he's supposed to hit in the winning run but he's at the zoo instead? I was really proud of the way he handled the situation. And compromised, letting him go to the game if he promised to spend extra 1:1 time with Trevy to make up for missing Dream Night.

While his team was busy winning...

Trevy and Bristel were busy adding their hand prints to a special exhibit...

that will grace the halls of Hasbro Children's Hospital.

I couldn't get Trevy to unclench his fist!

Until it was time to splash in the wash off water bucket anyway!

We had a really nice time...

Dream Night is definitely on our fave things to do list!

We're already looking forward to making next year's Dreamy memories!
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