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detroit - a picture marathon

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:52pm just keepin' you on your toes this lazy Monday morning...

And posting this picture marathon in reverse order! it wasn't really to stimulate your brain. It was mostly cause Blogger is a pain the boot. And I've gone n' caught some sort of summer cold and feel like crap-ola. Which means no patience for rearrainging the pics!

How sweet are Toby & Bri?! They created "welcome home" parades with their toys!

An uber tired Trevy during our homeward bound Philly layover.

Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

That is just HAS to be a good sign?

That the O's would "just happen" to be playing in Detroit! Right during our "just happening" to be there appointment?

It was Orioles bliss for Jonathan!

Trevy was SO ready to blow that joint!

This was actually the least messy post-EEG head ever! Don't let the red markings alarm was actually just the grease pen marks the technician used to guide electrode placement.

Okay so is that the cutest pouty face ever or what?! Trevy just recently started pouting! It used to be cry or smile...but now we have an in-between emotion! And I LOVE it!

Playin' garbage ball with daddy! We had to be creative and wad up paper...cause they didn't have a ball anywhere!

Model material!

I know it looks SO barbaric. Feels it too. But it's a necessary evil for seizure boys (and girls)...

Is it me...or is he SAYING rescue me! With his lil' eyes?!

Detroit was actually much prettier (and safer!) than we imagined!

Trevy LOVED the water dis plays!

A friendly walker-by asked if we'd like for her to snap a pic of all of us! So sweet! But sorry hon...that you weren't quite ready!

This is what 57 floors up looks like...

Trevy's first airplane ride...

Now we're just holding our breath til' Monday...
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