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Corpse Fever - Energy Field Causes and Treatment

Posted Oct 12 2009 6:14am

"Corpse Fever" is an old name for a serious energy field condition.

This is the name given to the condition when a person starts running a high temperature for no known physical reason - sometimes collapsing or passing out even. The person begins to feel like he or she is dying and can experience being a corpse - except they're not - they're not even floating above their bodies as people are in Near Death Experiences. They are IN their bodies and feeling dead. Some begin to see their own funeral happening, others hear funeral songs and sermons - things they associate with death in their minds.

As suddenly as the fever comes, it goes. A few hours later when they're with friends having a beer or watching a movie, no one believes it when they say they 'almost died of a high fever'. After all, fevers are supposed to have causes like pneumonia or malaria or severe infection of some sort.

Corpse Fever is caused by a break of rhythm between heart rate and nervous system frequency. These two are usually in sync with each other. When we are stressed or excited, our heart beat gets faster, and our nervous system frequency goes up - making our brains and senses more alert and awake.

Now our energy field both causes and is affected in return by the vibrations caused by our heart beat and nervous system pulse or frequency. When it gets one united rhythm, it stays stable. But when the rhythm is broken - the heart rate low and the nervous system frequency high (or vice versa) energy moves erratically between the poles of the body causing the Brain to panic - resulting in a high temperature and the simulation of memories or experiences we associate with death. When the heart rate stabilizes again and the nerves come back in sync with it, the Brain stops panicking, the fever goes down almost suddenly, and we are totally well again.

So what can cause this disconnect that results in Corpse Fever?

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