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Can you help me? Strange unconsciousness of boyfriend last night?!!

Posted by Irena

Okay, so a lot of strange this happened to my boyfriend and I last night and him falling unconscious was just one of them.

My boyfriend had dropped me home at around 10pm, then dropped our friend off at the Casino, then headed home, we both live in the countryside so it was very very foggy, with ice and snow still covering the roads. When I didn't hear back from him I grew concerned.

He made it back to his farm at around 11.15pm, pulled up, opened the door to get out. This is the last thing that he remembers.

He found himself lying on the floor in the snow at midnight, not knowing what had happened to him.

He felt absolutely fine, though somewhat confused as to what had happened. It appears that he was unconscious for around 45minutes.

He has no aesthetic wounds, is not hurting anywhere and there is no sign of him slipping and banging his head. Nor had he consumed any alcohol, or drugs or anything which could have affected his CNS, this is an assumption as we were concerned something was slipped in his drink, though this is highly unlikely! He had been lying outside for 45 minutes, it was around -3 .. though he was not cold at all, he felt warm. He was only wearing a sweatshirt, nop coat.

.. there are many more details if anyone can help me? with their views please?

Our evening had been  full of freaky experiences and being a mathematician myself, I need proof, and I need clarification as to what this could have been caused by.

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