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Can poor diet, no veggies or fruit, lots of sugar contribute to complex partial seizure disorder in a 7 year old boy?

Posted by ~Kent~

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- it can be a CONTRIBUTING factor - yes!

its not 100% of the reason why someone may be getting a seizure (of any sort).

 BUT.. if a child has had a standard unhealthy diet for several years or more, the bodys cells and organs (on a cellular level) will not be 100% as they should be.

disrupencies in the bodys network can happen.  - basically, 'expect things to go wrong in any human if you eat enough bad food for long enough'.

 if a child is currently on medication for seizures, then work together with the doctors, BUT also COMPLETELY change the childs diet.

DONT DO THE SPECIAL SEIZURE DIET (recommended by some doctors), this is an EXTREME measure for chronic severe frequent seizures.

if you want the child to have MAXIMUM vegetables then i would STRONGLY consider doing GREEN JUICE (mixed with lemons or coconut to take away the veggie-taste). 

 here is a good youtube starting point: 


your goal is to slowly improve the overall hidden health of the child and slowly ween him off the doctor drugs when you can see his health is improving.


other triggers for sizures (which doctors usually fail to notice) is "Apnea" and LARGE TONSILLS blocking the airways.

if tonsills are large, then consider reduction. (removal of an organ is not necessary and carries risks)... you can find a cosmetic surgery that can LAZER them down to a smaller size and open the airways. no need to remove an important organ/gland.

 does the child snore at night. snoring is NOT cute.. it indicates a partically blocked airway.   try repositioning the head so the airway is more open at night.

 also: important:  GARLIC is a BIG trigger for siezures. they increase brain activity!  also: avoid/reduce onions and other potent spicy food. they all EXCITE the body/brain. 

do more research. and dont get pushed into a corner by some doctors. 
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