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Posted Oct 12 2009 10:00pm


About three over years ago, my late dad was in a critical condition in a private hospital. Doctors informed us that our dad had vomited excessive blood due to a nasty ulcer in his stomach. We were told to return seven (1.5litre) packets of blood to replenish the hospital's blood bank. The doctors had intended to transfuse seven packets of blood into my dad's body to sustain his life.

My siblings and I had blood tests done immediately to determine if all of us can donate blood. Most unfortunately, I was unable to donate blood. The lab medical officer told me that epileptics' blood are not acceptable by hospitals because of fears that epileptics' blood might contain traces and elements of anti convulsant drugs' effects like phenobarbital, epilim, tegretol, keppra, etc. There are worries that recipients of blood donated by epileptics might react to the side effects of anti convulsant drugs.

In this article I do not intend to elaborate in great length on medical issues surrounding blood donated by epileptics. I only wanted to highlight the emotions or rantings of an epileptic, that is, myself.

I was devastated to find out I was not allowed to donate blood for my dad's survival chances. In such a life and death situation involving my loved one, it was most nerve wreaking, upsetting and frustrating for me to be deprived from donating blood. If only I had not revealed on the blood test form that I am epileptic. Maybe in future, I will not attempt to reveal my epileptic condition when I wish to join in my church's annual blood donation day. Or maybe I will not.....Ohhhhhh!!! Epilepsy makes my blood worthless cos it is tainted and contaminated beyond any good use for other people.

To those who are able to donate blood, be grateful and donate whenever possible to save lives. I will never ever have the chance to donate blood as much as I would like to. I feel so lousy.

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