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Posted Jul 18 2009 10:08pm

Vincent Van Gogh is associated to art and epilepsy. I adore Van Gogh's paintings. I can spend countless hours looking, admiring and studying Van Gogh's paintings. Every time I look at Van Gogh's paintings I get a different feel. His paintings are full of life and colours. His painting techniques and strokes depict and describe who he is and how he is in character and attitude. Reading materials written by art historians about Van Gogh only deepens my understanding of this world reknown artist and reinforces my liking for art.

Art is therapeutic. Art heals my wounds, hurts and also helps me forget negativities. Art nourishes my soul because every time I finish a painting I am in a gratifying and thankful state of mind. I am deeply thankful to God for granting me the gift of art.

As a young girl I had a great liking for art. I left school hoping to pursue a degree in Fine Arts. Financial situation did not permit me to ensue my hope of studying my dream degree. I worked and studied part time with the hope to obtain a different degree for career advancement. In the weekends and spare time, I will visit my favorite Art Shop (Venus Art Shop) to source for art materials.

I browsed through lots of art books in bookshops to read and understand more about different modes of painting. I also enjoy spending my time in art galleries. Whenever I am in art galleries I lose track of time and meal hours.

I am a self taught person who loves art. Friends and family members have encouraged me to enrol for art courses now which I no longer wish to do so. I only want to paint with the talent that God has given and I believe it is by this way I am able to maintain my own style, creativeness and originality in my paintings. I aspire only to paint in my own "SERENE" way.

It is my aspiration and dream to have my own solo Art Charity Exhibition one day. I hope I will be able to sell my paintings to raise funds in aid of poor and needy PWE (people with epilepsy).

A series of desert scene painted in August 2008

I encourage everyone to pick up a brush and paint. Start painting and feel and experience the magical wonder, greatness and positiveness that are derived from painting. By painting, you are in control of your state of mind. Your emotions and heartfeelings will flow and move with your brush. One need not be an artist in order to paint. Every painting no matter whatever the outcome is your personal creation and a state of the art piece.

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