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Another seizure

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:32pm
I had my first grand mal seizure in ten months today.

I remember very little about it, in fact I don’t even remember waking up, or going downstairs – the only reason I know I had a seizure is my tongue has teeth marks in it, and I was very very confused.

I remember my arms jerking briefly and the next thing I know, I’m downstairs phoning The Mother’s work. Needless to say the receptionist (if that’s who it was I spoke to) sounded very confused as The Mother is currently in Africa on a trip for charity. I phoned Brother Number Two next, demanding to know where our mum was, to which he worriedly reminded me that she was in Africa.

Brother Number Two came over to make sure I was okay, and as he was chatting away I continued to look and sound confused. Slowly I started to feel better, and everything began making sense again. I went back to bed since I was exhausted and I looked into the spare room, where everything was a mess and it was obvious where I had had the seizure.

Now that everything has started to make sense now, I know why I had the seizure. I had forgotten to take my medication last night, plus I wasn’t well yesterday (I had to leave university because of it) and so the combination probably left me vulnerable. It’s disappointing that this has happened because it means it’s another year before I can get a driving license – for some reason I always manage to have seizures on a yearly basis, leaving me to think I’m doomed to get the bus for the rest of my life!

On the upside however, I don’t remember the seizure at all which makes it less stressful and less scary for me. Plus I provided some giggles with my confused rambling so it’s not all bad!
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